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There are three different sizes, S, M, L for different purposes.

The fabric is made in Japan.


S size 20x20cm

For small vegetables like a cucumber and an avocado, small fruits like an apple, use as a lid of a small bowl and a cup.

M size 27x27cm

For covering a cutting section of reasonably big size vegetables and fruits, like a cabbage and a melon as well as a sandwich, a cheese, and a plate and a salad bowl.


L size 33x33cm

For covering a cutting section of large size vegetables like a pumpkin and a watermelon, leafy vegetables, a bread loaf, a big plate and a big bowl.




Sサイズ 20×20cm


Mサイズ 27×27cm


Lサイズ 33×33cm
スイカ、かぼちゃなどの大きな野菜、果物の切り口、葉野菜、パン、大皿、大きめなボールの蓋 など。

Dancing Crane

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